Love Letters

Love Letters

There’s a special sort of happiness that comes from reading what people feel about your work. Below are some of their thoughts on Roving Lens. Each of these entries were shared with us with a full heart. We’re thoroughly grateful to each one of you for making us capture your memories for a lifetime. We thank you for letting us do what we love.

Lakshmi Bharani Pallavalli

Like every couple we have spent a ton of time researching the perfect videographer for our once in a life time occasion. We spoke to a lot of photographers , looked up their work, dug up reviews and the whole nine yards. It is now 1 year since my wedding and looking back at those memories i am 100 percent happy, contended and pleased at how my wedding has been captured. Credit where credit’s due, “ Roving lens “ is behind capturing our most beautiful moment.
I feel lucky to have chosen roving lens for a lot of reasons. From our first meet to literally 1 year after my wedding Adil and his team have been very professional, accommodating, and full of fun little surprises. They quickly processed our pre wedding video teaser within a day and surprised us by displaying at our sangeeth stage . They accommodated every minute detail I knit picked patiently and helped me capture my wedding exactly if not a notch better than how I wished, for which I will be ever grateful.
My husband who drags his feet anytime I want to take pictures always thought our pre-wedding/post-wedding and wedding photoshoots would be a nightmare.He now says he gives the roving lens team a shout out for making him enjoy the process as well with their upbeat attitude. Adil has tailored the entire experience for us and quickly became a good family friend. I would absolutely recommend roving lens to any bride out there who is in the phase i once was. Rest assured they have you covered.

Thanks Adil and his team once again for capturing our dreams for life time 🤩…

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Hari Prasath

Got to know about Aadil and Roving lens from my friend’s wedding. When I saw my friend’s photos, something was clearly standing out. I decided that I’m gonna book the same photographer for my event too. I’ve taken shoots with many photographers and Aadil and team clearly stands out in their professionalism and dedication. The way they are handling the couple is amazing. Not everyone will be comfortable with the camera; for some people, it might be their first experience itself; Roving lens team clearly understands this and gets the best out of the couple. They know how to get the best shots. I’m totally satisfied with their work and their output. The final photos are also shared within 2 weeks
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Vivek Krishna

We had our baby shower photography taken by Roving lense and we were impressed with the quality. We contacted them from USA few months before the event and the response was received in a timely manner even with the time difference and the quote was reasonable. The team was very cooperative on the day of the event. Overall I will recommend them to my friends and family.
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Future brides and grooms, look no further and book Roving lens for your big day!!! Adil and his team are beyond professional and just simply amazing. The team is worth every penny and more, do not simply go off a price tag or quote. Their talent is truly unique and unparalleled. The team arrived as early as my makeup artist; I did not expect this. They are punctual, professional, detail orientated, dedicated, and make the whole experience fun and stress free to top it off! They don’t give up until they capture the perfect moment. Roving lens was definitely one of my favorite vendors of my big day. He went above and beyond the call of duty for the day. No words can justify their greatness, it just needs to be experienced. Thanks for capturing my day perfectly- I will forever cherish these memories thanks to you and your team! You guys rock!
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Kabillan Sundaram Ravichandran

Roving Lens (Aadhil) was hired to cover all my wedding events and it is safe to say that, I will definitely go back to them for any future events. The entire team made my wife and myself feel so comfortable and not only they were punctual and professional, but they were truly talented in their skills. It is difficult to cover the number of people who comes for a wedding, that too an Indian wedding. They did that with ease, yet concentrating more on the couple and I’m sure they are much more capable of covering any amount of crowd. All the photos and videos were amazing, and we fell in love with it, the moment we saw them.
Aadhil is patient, friendly and professional and majorly, a talented photographer. Good luck to him and the team. Keep clicking.
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shvetha raajah

I was initially skeptical about choosing a team who were new at business but trust me, Roving lens are best at what they do. The most creative, calm and dedicated team of brilliant photographers.
Kudos to Mr.Aadhil and team for making every couple’s big day a super special one with their spectacular shots.
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Devasena Sivaram

This splendid association started on June 22nd,2019 to be precise,when my daughter fished out Roving Lens on IG and asked me to contact them for the coverage of her wedding and related events.
We are Tamilians settled in Pondicherry whereas the groom is a Bihari.Hence the wedding and all the functions related to it were to be a blend of both the cultures and customs.Since both the bride and groom are in Netherlands we were assigned the task of co-ordinating all the arrangements.
The first thing that impressed me was that Mr.Aadil himself came on line when I first called him.After initial telcons and intros,it was decided that we meet in person.We fixed an appointment on 14 thJuly2019.Although it was a Sunday he was considerate enough to meet us.We met in his office in Chennai,on the third floor of his residence.The architecture and designing of the building greatly appealed to my senses.I kind of realised that it would be easy to convey our expectations to him.
Mr.Aadil came across as a warm,amenable,receptive and accommodative person,making absolutely sure that we r comfortable with him.
My daughter and her fiancé were looking for someone who would capture every moment of their great day naturally without being made to pose formally.Put in a nutshell they wanted a more candid coverage of all the events.we put forth all our expectations to Mr.Aadil,he was quick to acknowledge and shared his concerns as well( venue,decor,lighting etc.,)
He was particular that he meet both the bride and groom in person,and made it a point to visit them both during their visit to India .With so many personal meetings our association metamorphed from photographers to friend to family.
Aadil ensured that he got in touch with Ms.Priya of Tip Top planners who was entrusted with the decor, lighting etc. for the events.
Aadil and his team are thorough professionals They just blended in the crowd without making the guests awkward about being photographed in the informal events like sangeet, haldi or mehndi.
Aadil and team totally assured that all our concerns were addressed.My husband’s request was that the photographers team avoid masking all events on stage with their presence and gadgets and Roving Lens team actually did that. Kudos to them.The guests were able to enjoy the events live!
At the end of the day we were one satisfied happy lot.The photographs speak volumes,reflecting the mood,emotions and vibes of all the events.The riot of colours of the decor and ambience of sangeet and haldi stand frozen in time,being captured by Roving Lens.My personal favourite are the beautiful candid captures of my daughter’s smile and whole hearted laughter.
Our daughters’ dream wedding is now digitally frozen for eternity.Should mention here the album layout and print quality.So true to life it is.Thank you Roving Lens and team.Now waiting for the next opportunity to hire their services.
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samyuktha sivaram

Roving lens was one of the 4 teams I contacted during my search for wedding photography service. I received a detailed explanation of their services and the price quote. Mr. Aadil also spoke to me and my parents over the phone to get to know us better and understand our expectations. They had to cover 5 events spread over 3 days. He guided us and gave his inputs on the kind of photography that would suit each event based on the location, the number of guests and the decor. Some events needed more candid photographers while the others more traditional photographer. Their response was unique and more focused on helping us than securing business. This is what made us choose Roving lens. One thing that stood out during my experience with roving lens was that the entire team worked with passion and rather than out of duty. They were enthusiastic through all the events and I became very comfortable with them, so much so that I felt they were a part of the festivities. We were not the easiest family to photograph and we did not cooperate much during the celebrations as everyone was busy. But Aadil made sure we gathered for the family photographs and captured great candid shots of the people that were close to me by being observant. I realised the importance of this when I received the photographs which exceeded my expectations. Also the albums were beautiful designed and were of great quality. I had a marvellous experience working with them
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Shreya Y

My association with the Roving Lens team has been long and sweet. I’ve known them for a little over two and a half years now, and they have captured some of our most precious memories. They were the photography team that we worked with for our Engagement, Wedding festivities (Mehendi, Nalugu, Reception, Wedding), Maternity / Parents-to-be shoot and my Daughter’s First Birthday.
I first met the Roving Lens team on the day of my engagement. Sagar & I are both pretty shy. When we had to do our engagement photoshoot, we were both quite awkward. The Roving Lens team, however, was extremely patient with us. They made us feel comfortable & managed to capture us at our best.
Aadhil understood how camera shy we were. He ensured that he met up with the both of us before the wedding, to get us more comfortable for the upcoming photo-sessions. He was always warm.
Then came the wedding festivities. Planning a wedding is never easy. Planning a wedding to be held in another city, while pursuing post-graduation, I would say is a tad bit harder. Everything seemed to be happening so quickly. I wasn’t even sure what I should be doing & how. Aadhil understood how clueless & lost I felt. He was of great help at this point. He would guide me and his suggestions were invaluable. Thanks to him, we picked a floral addutera for the wedding and it was one of the elements that I absolutely loved about the decor. Having interacted with my parents as well, he understood what they were looking for. He grasped that my family was a little more traditional in their outlook and weren’t keen on much PDA. Keeping all of our priorities in mind, they customised the photography to suit us best.
Soon after, he shared the raw pictures for our selection. Given I was pursuing my post-graduation & expecting a baby soon, I took my own sweet time in deciding on the pictures I’d like to have in the albums. The team let me take my time. The albums were beautifully done.
By now, Aadhil & team already felt like family. So, when we wanted to get a maternity shoot done, they were our obvious choice. I was around 35 weeks pregnant at that point. I had considerable difficulty walking, especially in the sandy beaches. Aadhil was patient, he ensured I was comfortable at all times. They let me take short breaks regularly so I didn’t feel overwhelmed. My husband, Sagar, was so excited. He had come up with so many little ideas for the shoot. They spent the entire day with us ensuring we got everything we wanted done. Actually, I wasn’t all that keen on getting a maternity shoot. But, I’m so glad Sagar managed to convince me on getting one done. The photos came out very well and when I look back at them now, I realise how beautifully they had captured our pregnancy journey. It will always be a shoot close to my heart, Sagar & I had great fun.
Sagar was super excited for Swechhu’s first bday. He had been sketching out plans ever since she was halfway there. But soon, the Covid-19 pandemic struck & the world was caught unaware. The silver lining though was that the intense lockdowns ended a few days before her birthday. We planned to cut a cake and have a photoshoot for Swechhu at home. Aadhil coordinated the shoot from the US. Manoj handled the camera. He did a great job. Anyone who has been around a one-year-old knows its like having a mini-tornado whizzing through the place. He was extremely patient. He managed to capture some of our best moments & I’m so glad we did it.
They have been a part of our journey from a camera-shy couple in love to young parents chasing after our little girl. It’s been a wonderful journey and I’m glad we had such a wonderful team capturing all of our best moments.
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Sanah Sharma

Adil and his team did a fabulous job of covering our wedding. They were patient, understood what we wanted and delivered beyond what we expected. And above all we’re happy that we found such a good friend in Adil. I think weddings aren’t just about the two people getting married but also all those involved in making that day an everlasting memory. Thank you Roving Lens for doing that for us!
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manivannan anukripa

Their work was very professional and they had done an amazing work by transforming our treasured memories into a beautiful album that is elegant and exquisite!
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mithuu bhanderwal

It was a wonderful experience. I had a maternity shoot with Roving Lens. All the pictures came out well and i got them in no time. I would highly recommend them for the shoots. Thanks!! Happy customer
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Bala Krishnan

As soon as my engagement date was finalised, the first thing i did was looking out for a photographer n that’s when i randomly came across their page on Instagram – Roving Lens.
I was completely carried away by all the pics posted on their page. That very moment i decided that I wanted this team to shoot my engagement.
My parents n I personally met Adil at his office. Should definitely mention how patient Adil was in explaining and in showing us pictures from his previous shoots. The team made us feel so comfortable. Every picture he showed us made us go “WOW” and we knew we had made the right choice. I din look out for any other option n straight away booked Adil n team for my engagement.
On the day of my engagement he was there 2 hours before the event.. I could see so much passion in his work. U don have to worry he knows what to do n how to get the perfect shots. There was absolutely no wasting of time. They jus kept going one shot after the other. Jus blindly trust them n you ll get the best shots.
They were jus amazing when it comes to playing with lights.
N you ll look your best in their candid shots.
They are jus there for you capturing your magical moments.
Even after the event we had photoshoot session going for about an hour n still you find the same energy levels.
Believe me or not. I got 4 beautiful pictures from the engagement the very next day at 10 am. N within 2 days I got the complete set n was asked to choose. They never kept us waiting. All their deliverables were always on time and there was so much perfection in their work.
N now comes the best part – thier album. Pls don miss to book your albums with them they are the best. You ll not regret it. Trust me. You will jus love it.
They are all ears to hear your feedback after every deliverable. The team has been so patient with us. We have never heard a No from the team, we received the beautifully edited version of all the pictures chosen by us, lovely promo and a full length video of our event and the album
Can’t thank you guys enough.
They are a lovely team to work with. They treat you like family. They just go beyond your expectation. Just book your big day with them and get every moment captured by one of the best in town!
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Vignesh Ravi

Top notch service, I would definitely recommend again!
Really smooth process though we both were in USA and Canada. Before even getting to India, all the coordination was done, just via phone and email 🙂
And ofcourse the pictures came out pretty good! If not COVID, I would’ve already hired them for another event.
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pooja jain

We were lucky to have roving lens as the photography and videography team, both for my engagement and wedding and as bonus for my pre wedding shoot aswell . They
have a really good team . We personally loved how Adil bhaiya was personally involved with each and every thing be it the pose for the pictures or selection of picture or songs for the candid videos ! Just excellent ! Keep up the good work guys !
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Sashi Rajasekaran

We asked Roving Lens to shoot our wedding reception a few years ago. The photographers were professional and did a great job covering an unconventional reception setup with candid photography. Their end results were high quality and very tastefully done.
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Swapna Sukumar

Skimming through a few random photography pages on Insta, I found Roving Lens. Something about their pictures struck a chord with me, which made me reach out to them. All this with just 2 months left for my wedding (and 45 days for the engagement).
Mom and I were the ones involved in the wedding planning and both of us had very busy schedules with barely a few hours to spare each day for the wedding planning. At such a crucial point, roving lens was god sent, not only did Aadil provide us with the best package, he also guided us with the ideal Decorators suiting our needs.
Aadil was personally present for the engagement. The pictures came out extremely well, with the lighting set up to perfection. Everyone was wondering if the venue was a high-end luxury hotel while it was just my humble home (also shout out to the PERFECT STORY – who did the decoration). While we (the bride, the groom and the family) were happy and comfortable working with Aadil, I must say I was disappointed when I had to settle for his team for my big day, as Aadil had committed to another wedding much in advance.
Rajesh, Manoj and others were the team allocated for my big day. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that they had become family at the end of the 2day proceeding-Sangeet and the wedding. They covered each and every family member like everyone was equally important and never missed the couple’s best moments as well. The photography and the videography were beyond phenomenal and was relevant among all generations. Rajesh’s effervescent persona combined with Manoj’s calm demeanor was the perfect combo to handle my Bride-zilla tantrums in order to capture the breathtaking moments. Over all the pictures and the videos were incredible. I couldn’t have asked for a better Photography Team. Looking forward to doing more shoots with Roving Lens to capture my marital milestones. Thank You so much Aadil and team. Keep up the good work.
Dr. Swapna Sukumar
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After my engagement, had booked Aadil and his team for the second time for my muhurtham. I did not have to get tensed at all because we totally trusted him in his work. Their coverage was mind blowing and the photos have come out so beautifully. My husband and I are totally happy with the output.Must appreciate the cool and friendly attitude of the entire team and we felt so comfortable with them around.Aadil is such a down to earth and friendly person and we are so glad to found Roving Lens for our special occasions! Absolutely loved their service!! Thank you Team Roving Lens❤️
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nivedha ramesh

Having experiences with multiple photographers from my pre-wedding to baby shower, Maternity photo shoot was something that was most awaited and wanted to choose someone who would adjust all my preggo tantrums during the shoot and still deliver beautiful pictures.
But this man (Aadil) just not did what I expected, but delivered something above and beyond with his magical clicks!!
We never felt pressured or rushed once when he was photographing our shoot, my husband doesn’t really like having photo taken however there was not one photo that we said “oh I don’t like that one” we love each and every photo.
Such a relaxed artistic clever photographer..!!
He literally has thought of everything and has tips and advice for everything, even things you wouldn’t even think of. Words cannot begin to explain how awesome Aadil is, he is just the ultimate photographer out there, and you will not regret hiring him (if you are lucky enough to be able to book him that is!!).
The only problem we have encountered is trying to choose our favourites, because there are just so many amazing shots..!!
Thanks again Aadil..!!
I’m honestly glad for choosing u to cherish my preggo days!
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Jayashree Jayashreejayabalan

Imagine a photographer to be a concatenation of amazing skills, pure patience, extremely accommodative, fun loving, sooper friendly and lot more happy traits??? 🤩
If that would be the person whom u gotta choose behind the lens, then here’s that man! 🤩
He’s the consummate professional, heaps of fun to deal with, and makes you feel so relaxed when everything else is quite stressful. 😇
Who goes above and beyond to get that perfectly unique shot, every click?🧐
This man knows how lighting and reflections work like nobody else.😍 The shadow photo still fascinates me! 🖤
It is clear to anybody who meets Aadil that he has a true passion for his work and this reflects in his genuine desire to give you the most amazing and unique memories that he can.💕
His photos are BREATHTAKING and we couldn’t be happier with the quality.❣️ We have wonderful memories to last a lifetime, not to mention the most exquisite editing.👌🏼
We are so in love with the perfection he has made..💜
Once again, going that extra mile for each capture, he is the man you NEED behind the lens! 😊
Thank you so much for your time, efforts and spectacular work Aadil!!💜
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divya jeyamani

The quality of the photos and the stills taken were very professional. They were very patient to make alterations according to our need. The album also turned out to be very neat. Was very much satisfied with their work.
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Janani Prakash

My experience with Roving lens is more than wonderful..I opted Roving lens for my baby shower..honestly the best decision of mine..I was very hesitant initially to work with a new team with a big baby bump..but Aadhil the head photographer who now turned out to be my good friend made us relaxed and comfortable throughout the event..The entire team was very calm and flexible with no hurrying up and made me smile throughout the event..being a photo addict I was HIGHLY SATISFIED with their work so I again opted them for my maternity shoot as well..of course I’m gonna settle down with Roving lens for all the upcoming events in future..coming to the editing part Aadhil was very interactive and made sure every picture was the way I like..Thanks a lot for capturing most beautiful moments of my life..😊😊😊with no doubt I’m gonna recommend Roving lens to my family and friends..
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Rooyah S.V.

“The best photographers you need behind the lens to make beautiful memories”
They did an amazing work… Most comfortable people to work with.. they r so friendly to calm down all ur anxiety in front of camera.. Was so good working with you guys…wud surely recommend u guys.. looking forward to capture more beautiful moments..
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Roving Lens photography – They are a very hardworking and creative team.Kudos to them for covering my engagement function beautifully.Mr.Aadil and team were friendly with us and the entire family.The response and communication was quick and perfect.The coverage was apt.In spite of our busy schedule during the event, we enjoyed posing for their pictures.Me and my fiance are completely satisfied with the overall output of the pictures and videos.In a short duration,they created magic.Thanks to Mr.Aadil & team.
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Prabu R

We came across this official Instagram page when we were planning our baby shower. We got carried away by his way of processing the pics and found that he is the guy we are luking for.
Aadhil clearly explained the details and how the shoot would go and he gathered every single details of the event from us.
On the day of the event he was on time and was enjoying watching the monkeys playing and damaging with the floral venis of the event 😁😆..aadhil you never knew that was the floral venis right?!!
He made us comfortable and got us to do all the mandatory pics besides all the trouble we gave him by being non-cooperative.
Throwing the time constraints away we were able to do the outdoor shoot bcoz of his support and final push.
Thank u so much Aadhil.
Luking forward to see the pictures.
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Keerthi Pugal

My name is Keerthi Pugazhendhi, and I got married in September 2018 in Trichy. Once my marriage was finalised I started researching every detail like photography, decoration, food menu etc, as I wanted everything to be the best and also within our budget. That is when I came across “Roving Lens Photography”.
To be honest , I had at-least 4 options to choose as I am a very picky person. I spoke to every photographer in-person and collected details of their packages. I had a positive and welcoming feel when I met Mohammed in his Palavakkam office.
He was a friendly guy and explained me with all the options available and gave me a reasonable quote. He showed me his work like recently clicked photos, promo videos and the quality of his deliverable album. He did not hesitate to give me specific details for all my questions about deliverables like quality, length etc.
He was flexible and easy to be co-ordinated through WhatsApp, once I booked him. He became more interested and involved and kept me at ease about photography. We had a very energising group of photographers at my wedding , who did their best to capture almost every detail of all the events.
My family was happy with the way they approached and socialised, as I booked them and my parents met them only on the day of the engagement. Even with time constraints they were able to achieve all the outcome as promised. I am sure they did not get much sleep as my muhurtham was at 4.30 am and we completed my reception shoot around 2 am. Inspite of all this, they have done a very good job and it was proved by their deliverables.
Due to lack of time before wedding, I decided to go with post-wedding shoot. Initially we planned a local place , but Mohammed suggested we could do it in our honeymoon destination and I was more than pleased with the idea. He made a destination wedding shoot affordable and a memorable one. Even though, it was his first time to the place, he was more than enthusiastic and did a lot of research to pick the pose, location, timing and also suggested costumes which will be the best to do a beautiful shoot. Myself and my husband enjoyed his company during the shoot and more than satisfied when we got the videos and albums later.
He was very particular with customer satisfaction and made it a point to discuss every detail with me before the final output and also welcomed any change or suggestion given and tried to incorporate it wherever possible and plausible.
Small mistakes are always inevitable but myself and my family are very thankful for his work along with his team, as they made the happiness of my important day to last forever by their exclusive work.
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A Fool’s Infinite

My missus introduced roving lens to me. I am not that much into photos myself. Which is exactly why i am writing this review. They made me comfortable and made our engagement plus wedding shoot a memorable one .Very patient and professional team.
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alathoor ajay

Our experience with Roving Lens has been a fantastic journey. They have been professional when it comes to work.
Their Candid pictures and the Traditional pictures have been spot on and would always be very special to a couple.
Roving lens as a photo studio has a unique style and live up to the clients expectations.
Highly recommend and i support their vision
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Arun Raj

Singpore u given the best pictures for our lifetime memory . It’s great to choose u and we impressed ur photography and-wedding highlights top notch. We love you to choose again Nd again in feature events . Have a Gud luck 👍🏻👍🏻
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To start with , got to know about these ppl from one of my colleague and gone through their Instagram page and much impressed with their work . We were little hesitant to approach them for the quotation thinking they would charge more , but once we had conversation with Aadil and discussed about what we need , he quoted it in our budget (very economical ) .
Then we met this team on our haldi day , I was really impressed with each one of them in the team . Everyone has the patience, zeal, enthusiasm at work . They are really professional and makes the clients feel really comfortable during the period of shoot .
We had to say a NO to few beautiful pictures because of time constraints, but Aadil and his team had the patience to deal with things and get the best photographs .
It is our best decision to choose Roving lens .
Wonderful team . A special thanks to Aadil, Rajesh and Alex .
Cheers to you guys !!
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