There’s nothing wrong with asking for directions when you’re lost. Below we provide a list of commonly asked questions. We hope they help you address concerns, clarify concepts, and remove any obstacles you may encounter on your path to booking us.
Below given are the commonly asked FAQs.

Who will fulfil the role of Photographer for any client who chooses Roving Lens?

Team Roving Lens immerses themselves in each project with vim and vigour, leaving no stone unturned until perfection has been achieved. We have a permanent in-house team of dedicated professionals who answer directly to the CEO, Mohammad Aadil, who has personally trained each of them to strive for excellence.

Why do you ask us to furnish you with so many details about the wedding?

Understanding WHAT we are going to capture is how we even create great photography. We love to know what couples actually want, in addition to learning specific locations, venues, décor themes, and your desired style choices.

We are a couple living overseas, and we’re anticipating a traditional marriage. How can Team Roving Lens help with this? And how will you go about doing it?

We have ample expertise and experience in handling overseas weddings. Team Roving Lens has ensured the satisfaction of several NRI clients. We make ourselves available to you, no matter your timezone. We’re happy to take online video calls if it means we receive all pertinent details to ensure the success of your Wedding.

How exactly do you choose what to photograph and what to leave out?

We aim to create unique memories for newlyweds. These memories also serve and benefit your family and any children you plan to have in future. It makes us feel enormously responsible because we’re given the special task of serving memories to multiple generations. So we make sure that no precious moment is lost.

Are there any limits to your shooting hours/times?

We come prepared for every eventuality. Our Team is ready and trained to adapt and ensure that you are satisfied. We can say this confidently, because we sit down to plan it all in advance with your family. For as long as the bride and groom, and their family, need us we will be there, energized and ready to capture their best memories.

What assortment of packages do you offer?

Each couple brings with them a distinct and defined set of preferences and requirements. As such, each of our packages are personalised/customised in order to fulfil that demand.

Do we need to include your team in our catering list?

Weddings do take a toll on all our energies. A good meal and some freedom to join you on the dance floor will certainly lift the spirits, and professional perfections, of every member comprising Team Roving Lens.

Are you comfortable commuting/traveling to an event/wedding outside India?

The answer is a resounding YES. Roving Lens has covered more than a handful of destination weddings in almost every part of India. Our team has also covered a few beautiful matrimonies that bloomed outside the country.

How will you go about organizing/managing accommodation, and sundry, if you are called to cover an event/wedding outside India?

Always has the client/customer taken care of our travel and accommodation arrangements. More often than not, Roving Lens has remained at the chosen venue to ensure prompt and punctual fulfilment of our services.

Will you kindly share an idea of what customers/clients can expect by way of ‘Deliverables’?

Within 15 working days from the day of the event, we will provide soft copies for selection, edited versions for social media use, and ‘Coming Soon’ teaser (applicable only for Wedding Films). Within 45 working days from the day of the event, we provide a full-length Wedding Film, and a 5-8 minute candid film that contains all your selections.

Do you provide your customers/clientele with the RAW images captured during your coverage/photoshoot of their wedding/event?

We do indeed deliver all the raw data taken from start to finish. This will reach you upon project completion, nestled in a safe hard disk for your use as you see fit.

How do you respond to a cancellation or rescheduling of a customer/client’s event/wedding?

If you’ve put down a retainer to hold a date, and if you find yourself in the unfortunate circumstance of having to cancel or move said date, with less than a month’s notice, Roving Lens keeps the retainer. If you give us a 6-month notice before the date of the event, a full refund of your retainer will be issued. If you cancel your day between 6 and 2 months before the actual event, only 50% of the retainer will be returned. In case we’re unable to provide our services due to Acts of God, your retainer deposit will be returned in full.

Will you kindly lay out, in the simplest terms, your pay structure?

At the time of booking, we expect to receive 50% of the total booking cost in advance. We ask for 35% more to be provided on the day of the event/wedding. The remaining 15% is expected upon completion of the event.

How does a client/customer go about making a reservation with Team Roving Lens?

A few days after we issue the contract, we request a 50% deposit, following which we will ‘engrave your date in stone’. Only after we receive the deposit will we confirm your reservation.

Is there a specific number to how often a customer/client will see Team Roving Lens before the wedding?

We’re open to meeting customers anytime. Please feel free to drop in at our office, with prior appointment of course. Team Roving Lens is also available for you via phone, social media, and email.