Our Adventure

Our Adventure

Weaving Eternal Impressions

Weaving Eternal Impressions has been hard-wired into each member of the Roving Lens family. A studio gains life only when a team of impassioned photographers and enthusiastic videographers shake hands and get to work on a project with love in their hearts and efficiency in their minds. This is precisely the story behind how Roving Lens came together, and how we have steadily grown into one of the most sought-after photography companies in the market today.

What began as a pleasant hobby in 2012 bloomed into a burning passion in 2016. That’s when Roving Lens was re-born as a Premium Wedding Photography Studio dedicated to capturing your most cherished moments in the realm of love and matrimony. From portraits and family photos to grand weddings galore, you can rely on us to polish your coverage and give you something worth admiring for decades.

Our creative wedding photography and film ventures are carried out according to world-class quality and excellence standards. Team Roving Lens packs experience, training, and passion, and come prepared to weave eternal impressions in the lives of our clients. We are based out of Chennai, but our ‘roving’ adventures have taken us to some of the most unforgettable locations across South India and Internationally.

Roving Lens is ready to cover your events anywhere on the globe, and we offer you premium services tailored to capture the finest memories from your weddings or any other event for that matter.

More than a company, we are a family. We understand the need to capture not just the essence and flavor of your special event, but to find Meaning behind each shot we take in it. Focusing on elegance, class, flair, and beauty in weddings, we craft memories that you can cherish for decades to come. The idea of framing your precious moments in one unique photograph after another excites us, making us want to go the extra mile for you, so you will feel happier than you have already been on your special day. Our capabilities are as rich and varied as your own wonderful hopes and dreams. Whether it is outdoors, indoors, portrait, weddings, fashion, or family, Roving Lens has got you covered.
We prefer to let the work of our hands and the dream in our hearts speak further on our behalf.



Our approach

We rely on the intricate details that infuse your wedding with the light of truth. Every emotional moment matters! Perspective and Possibility guide our hands. Grace and Candour lend their wonder to each shot that Team Roving Lens captures for you. We savour the use of our strengths—natural tones, authentic moments, attention to detail, well-timed shots, and beautiful compositions. Indulging our ability to listen and observe, we rove as close as possible to your unique Love Story. Immersion in our craft helps us weave magical memories that you will cherish for decades. Your photos will sing a tale of elegant romance, classy gatherings, and singular emotions that span the spectrum of unbridled joy.


Meet Our Founder
Mohammed Aadil

Hey, thanks for roving our way. I’m going to be your friend from start to finish, so that you feel free to be yourself with me. You and your beloved will be like family to me. My aim is to see your loving bond through a REAL set of eyes. I capture ‘real life’ moments, not ‘reel life’ dramas. I live for colours and sentiments, lights and shadows, hopes and dreams.

I’ve always been drawn to wildlife and birds, collecting unique fish and giving them beautiful tank-homes, and admiring all things to do with misty mountains, flowers, and plants. My cat likes watching me work, she stares at me like she’s trying to read my mind. I love going ‘within’ – to explore how the human heart feels, and inspires others to feel.

I’ve always admired the artistic side of Photography. My ‘Memory-Crafting’ work lets me see into the souls of people. A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime moment that everyone desires at some point. I promise you that I’ll dive into your ‘Love Story’ and capture every beautiful moment as it unfolds.
We’re in this together. You’re in this forever. <3